Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2008

The main activity of the ELMED is the production, sales and service of the systems for marking, labeling, inspection and product traceability. The company its business complements with the production of the self-adhesive labels, the transport systems, the stands and the carriers, as well as with the carrying out of the special engineering projects.
Following the market demands, in its business includes the development of the integrated hardware and software solutions, in the field of industrial production and warehouse operations.

The quality is a key reason for achieving and maintaining a high level of customer’s confidence, in the brands that we represent, as well as in our company and represents the platform for the achieving of the sustainable growth and development.
This confidence is based on the quality and reputation, as well as on the high standards that were created for years.

The quality business operations, since its founding in 1990, is a primary commitment of the ELMED company, which obtained its clear figure by the introducing the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the requirements of the standards.

The quality policy of the company ELMED is based on the modern market-oriented principles:

  • With the continued fulfillment of the requirements, needs and expectations of each individual customer, we build the long-term partnerships with our customers,
  • By maintaining a high level of the product quality, of the accuracy of delivery, the competitive price – performance ratio, with the provision of timely and complete post-sales support, we are laying the foundations of trust of our customers,
  • Our employees are one of the basic pillars of our existence and development, thus, by the constant encouraging of the professional development of the human resources, through the internal and external training, we achieve a high level of expertise and competence of our management and employees,
  • The establishing of the partnerships with our suppliers and their ability to adapt to the demands of the market, are one of the important elements for the quality improvement,
  • Guided by the principle of the continuous improvement, we are working on the building of the company's image, as well as on and increasing of the market share,
  • By strict compliance with the laws, the regulations, the standards and the contractual obligations, we provide the continuous operation of the our company.

The management and all employees in the company ELMED Ltd., through the daily performance of its activities, guided by the principle of continuous improvement of our work and the quality management system, according to the ISO 9001: 2008, as well as by meeting the objectives of the company, in an efficient and effective way, it will establish a balance between the interests of the company and the interests of customers.