Machines for digital color printing

Combining the productivity of flexo technology and the flexibility of digital printing


By using the piezo drop-on-demand ink jet technology for printing, which is based on the Kyocera’s jet printing modules, the N-Series combines the productivity of flexo technology and the flexibility of the digital printing, by providing the enhanced profitability and by the reducing of the cost of production.

By providing the high-quality printing results at the native resolution of 600 dpi, the N-Series is designed to respond to the continuously increased demands of the brand owner for more direct, and personalized communication with the end customers. It also satisfies their requirements to achieve the additional savings, through the increased production efficiency and through the reduction of the amount on the warehouse and in waste.

Working at a speed of 75 m/min and with the width of printing 333 mm, The N-Series redefines the scope of activities, which manufacturers of labels can digitally print. By providing the quick change of the jobs and the less productive tasks, which are traditionally associated with the digital technology, its ability to print up to 1500 m²/hour, makes it also cost-effective solution for the larger production jobs. Because of all of this, the N-Series is particularly suitable for variable, localized label printing applications, including the changing of the language, personalization and the initiatives with the special promotional packages.

How it works?

The Drop On Demand (DOD) is a type of ink jet printing technology, where the ink droplets are ejected from the printhead, only when it is necessary. The droplets are formed, by creating the pulses of the pressure within the printhead of the printer. The method used to generate the pulse of the pressure, creates a primary sub-category within the DOD, called the thermal and piezoelectric.

In the piezo DOD technology, the piezoelectric crystal passes through the distortions, when an electric field is switched on. This distortion creates a pulse of pressure in the ink chamber within the printhead, which in turn, results in the ejection of ink droplets from a nozzle onto the substrate.

Key benefits:

  • The highest digital productivity,
  • The most consistent print results,
  • The best digital ink jet quality,
  • Easy maintenance.

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