Piezo Drop On Demand digital printing

The superior universality


The Domino K-Series printers use the piezo DOD technology, to print on a wide range of substrates, using an aqueous and/or UV inks. The printheads of the printer include the series of chambers, which are filled with the ink. The bringing of electrical voltage to the walls of the chamber, is causing the distortion and the twisting of the walls outwards. This distortion causes the drop of ink pressure, drawing more ink into the chamber. By the interruption of power, the walls are returning to the starting position, and the ink droplets are ejected through the selected nozzle for printing.

These droplets create the high-resolution text, the bar codes, the graphics and the variable data on the wide range of coated and uncoated media, plastic cards and labels.

How it works?

The Drop On Demand (DOD) is a type of inkjet printing technology, where the ink droplets are ejected from the printhead only when it is necessary. The droplets are formed by creating the pulses of pressure within the printhead. The method used to generate the pulse of pressure, creates a subcategory within the DOD, called thermal and piezoelectric.

In the piezo DOD technology, the piezoelectric crystal passes through the distortions, when an electric field is switched on. This distortion creates the pulse of pressure in the ink chamber within the printhead, which in turn, results in the ejection of the ink droplets from the nozzle onto the substrate.

Key benefits:

  • The productivity – It is running at speeds up to 150 m/min at a print resolution of 300 dpi,
  • The superior quality printing is achieved through the 500 nozzles, printing the maximum resolution of 1200 dpi,
  • The reliability - A small number of moving parts, reduces the number of interventions and reduces the number of downtimes,
  • The flexibility – Allows the instant personalization of packaging products,
  • The contactless printing ensures the protection of the packaging.

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