MemJet technology

The Trojan One, supported with the MemJet technology, allows the printing of color labels in high resolution (1600 dpi), at a speed of 300 mm/s. The main advantage is the in-house printing on-demand of the color labels. This revolutionary solution, enables to the end user the independence, because he can produce the labels for his own use in the desired number of copies (according to the needs of his own market and stock), and the personalization, as he can create the labels of his own choice. As a result of these benefits, there are the lower printing costs, the print flexibility, the optimization of stock...


The industrial robust design, the superb making of stainless steel and aluminum, with a focus on easy access to all parts and replacing them without the tools. The easy installation and setup make this device unique in the market.

The revolutionary label printers of this manufacturer are competitive, if only one of the following four sentences is applicable for you:

  • You are using the traditional thermal transfer printers for labels and would like to cut the costs of the ribbon, of the printhead and maintenance,
  • You are using the services of printing of the labels, which are printed in small series with the different designer solutions,
  • The use of the color, instead of black and white labels of poor quality, will bring you the commercial advantage in the market,
  • You want to reduce stock and to provide the fast and flexible labels production under your control, in order to optimize the LEAN-process.