Automatic checkweighers


The unique ''low center of gravity'' and ''forward facing'' control unit of the Loma CW3 series of the checkweigher, reduces the vibration, provides the accuracy, while the display with the data is very striking, and offers a simple user-friendly menu.

The CW3 range can be easily adjusted, to suit your application, with the optimal transport system and with the system for the rejection of the product. Moreover, with the networking of the device, we have managed to position the checkweigher in the ''center'' of the production environment, where it serves as a source of information, that helps to the substantially improvement of your production.

The models, which Loma offers, have passed the OIML R51 approval process, which allows the long-term accuracy and stability in the demanding environments.

Whether you need a simple inline system for the weight control, or a complete system with the statistical analyzes, we can offer the models that meet your requirements.


The CW3 flow scales for less weight

The Loma CW3 1500L offers the best sensitivity opportunities and the optimum accuracy available in this segment. With the maximum weight of the controlled product of 1500 grams, width up to 300 mm and length up to 425 mm, standard accuracy is 0,6 grams.

The CW3 6000M flow scales

The Loma CW3 6000M is a compact flow scale, for use on the production lines with greater flow of the products. Thanks to its accuracy and flexibility, it is particularly suitable for the products, which are sold by the average weight. The maximum weight of the product to be inspected is 6000 grams, the width of the product is up to 300 mm and lengths up to 425 mm, the standard accuracy is 0,6 grams.

The CW3 400UL flow scales for ultralight products

The Loma CW3 400UL checkweighers are ideal for small, light packages, or valuable products and materials, where the high precision and the maximum product flow is necessary. The CW3 400UL has an accuracy of 0,3 grams and a maximum flow rate of 450 packages per minute.

The flexible and solid products

The Loma CW3 DragLink flow scales are very accurate and flexible solutions, for the weighing of the mass of the packaged products in motion that are used on production lines with the high flow of the products. They are recommended there, where despite the high number of products, the accuracy shall be at the highest level. They have a capacity of up to 440 products per minute and the sensitivity of 0,6 grams.

The CW3 12000H flow scales for the products of large weight

The Loma CW3 12000H flow scales for the products with large weight, provide the superior accuracy and is specially designed for the bags or boxes up to weight of 12 kg. It is easy to integrate into the existing packaging lines, with high-speed feeders with the speeds of up to 115 m/min. The sensitivity is 1,6 grams, the maximum speed is 115 m/min, with the capacity of up to 120 packages per minute.

The combination of the metal detectors and the flow scales

The Loma CW3 systems, which combine the metal detection and weight control of the products, are adaptable and well-proven solutions that integrate both systems of control in the food and packaging industries. The maximum speeds are up to 120 m/min, with the capacity of up to 400 products per minute.