Antares Vision Group

Inspection in beverage industry

Antares Vision Group offers a wide range of solutions for inspecting of the packaging and line control in the industries of food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

The AV Group equipment can controls the glass, plastic, metal and the laminated paper packaging, in a wide range of applications, such as the testing of bottles, jars, cans, tubes and cartons.

The solutions for the inspection:

  • The inspection of empty containers – glass, metal, plastic,
  • The inspection of the shutter and the neck of the bottle, before the machines for closing,
  • The inspection of the filling level,
  • The inspection of the proper positioning of the shutter and of the closing after the machines for closing,
  • The control of vacuum/pressure,
  • The inspection of the codes on the product/packaging,
  • The inspection of the labels – sensory and visual,
  • The full inspection of packages.

The solutions for the monitoring and process control:

  • Monitoring of the filler valve,
  • Monitoring of the sealers,
  • Monitoring of the labeling,
  • Quality control Station – Inspection after sealers/fillers (QCS120).

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