The X-ray systems

We are introducing the most advanced solution in the field of X-ray inspection – The Loma X4. It is a fully automated solution that offers the contamination and defect inspection of the product, at any line speed.

It automatically detects the contamination caused by the following:

  • The metals – even within the metallic packaging, such as aluminum cans, or the metalized film, without loss of sensitivity,
  • The calcified bones,
  • The glass,
  • The PVC, TFE plastics,
  • The stone, ceramics, cement,
  • The rubber,
  • The solidified sugar or flavorings.

In addition to the above, the Loma X4 can also simultaneously detect the following:

  • The missing products,
  • The total weight of packages, or weighing by zones, which allows the high accuracy of measurements at the high speeds,
  • The badly designed or broken products.
X-ray systems

The advanced software that Loma used for the image processing in the X-ray scanning, will automatically calibrate the scanner for each product and set the optimum levels of scanning. This provides the best performance of setting, product by product. The sensitivity is maintained, regardless of the variations in density, shape or size of the product.

The Loma produces a wide range of robust, user-friendly, reliable systems, that would meet the rising standards in the production of food and medicines, both for packaged and for bulk and liquid/pumped products. By installing of the Loma X4, you will improve the quality of your product and protect its brand.

Guide to the X-ray technology

The X-ray inspection systems are fast becoming the standard element of the factories for the production of food worldwide. The advantages, which the X-ray has compared to the standard metal detectors and flow scale, makes them a very important piece of the equipment for many companies.

The technical benefits

The Loma X-ray inspection systems detect the metal contamination much better, than the standard metal detectors, and besides that, they detect and the non-metallic contamination, as well as the missing, lighter or damaged products.

  • For metal detection is not affected by the foil or the metallized packaging,
  • Excellent detection of stainless steel,
  • No interference caused by the effect of the environment, as on the standard metal detectors,
  • Detects the non-metallic materials, such as glass, stone, calcified bone, plastics, rubber, ceramics, cement, PVC, TFE...
  • Identifies the missing products, the damaged products and the products with less weight than the standard.

The possibilities of the X-ray

The X-ray systems can detect the presence of the following contaminants:

  • The metal,
  • The non-ferrous metals in foil, including the stainless steel,
  • The glass,
  • The stones,
  • The bones (only calcified ones),
  • The PVC plastics,
  • The TFC (teflon) plastics,
  • The ceramic and concrete,
  • The solidified sugar or flavorings,
  • The missing product...