Piezo Drop On Demand printing

Superior versatility

C-Series Plus and K-Series

Domino's C-Series and K-Series printers apply Piezo DOD technology to print on a wide range of substrates using aqueous and/or UV curable inks. The print heads of these printers contain a series of chambers that are filled with ink. By applying voltages to the walls of these chambers, a distortion is caused that bows the walls outwards. This distortion causes the ink pressure to drop, drawing more ink into the chamber. When the voltage is released and the walls return to their original positions, an ink droplet is expelled through each selected print nozzle.

Collectively these droplets create high-resolution text, bar codes, graphics and variable data onto a wide range of uncoated and coated media, plastic cards and label stocks.

How it works?

Drop On Demand (DOD) is a broad classification of ink jet printing technology where drops are ejected from the print head only when required. The drops are formed by the creation of a pressure pulse within the print head. The particular method used to generate this pressure pulse creates the primary sub-categories within DOD, namely thermal and piezoelectric (piezo).

With piezo DOD, a piezoelectric crystal undergoes distortion when an electric field is applied. This distortion creates a pressure pulse in the ink chamber within the print head, which in turn, causes an ink droplet to be ejected from the nozzle onto the substrate.

Key benefits:

  • Productivity – operating at linear speeds up to 150 m/min at 300 dpi print resolution,
  • Superior print quality is achieved through 500 nozzles printing up to 600 dpi (native) and 1200 dpi (nominal),
  • Reliability – few moving parts minimizes manual intervention and reduces downtime,
  • Flexibility - enabling ad-hoc printing runs and personalisation of packaging,
  • Non-contact printing ensures package protection.

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