Print & Apply labeling

Flexible to meet your needs in print labels


Print & Apply Systems M-Series print and automatic application of labels ensure the fulfillment of all industrial requirements in terms of traceability, labeling and identification products, transport packaging and pallets.

M-Series is modular. In its standard configuration meets all the requirements of the most common, and can be customized for very specific applications.

Your M-Series contains the most efficient printer, the print head and supplies for your production line.

The configuration of each M-Series enables:

  • Printing of fixed and variable data in real time, bar codes, text and images,
  •  Precise positioning of the press and label applications, even at high speeds,
  • Optional integrated scanner for bar code verification to ensure print quality and positioning of labels,
  • Intelligent and easy data management with centralized control and easy connection to a database,
  • Long life print head guarantees a high print quality, error-free over a long period of time,
  • Fast replacement of consumables enabled diznajnom quality and easy-to-use, graphical display,
  • Domino guarantee the quality of products and services in conjunction with specialized service team are at your service.

How does it works?

Working performance

Direct thermal or thermal transfer printers with the feasibility of the left or right hand.

4 basic ways for the application of labels

 Blow (blowing)
 Quick, simple and easy.
 Very limited distance.
 It is not very precise.

 Tamp (compacting)
 The most common applications.
 Suitable for most applications.
 Flexible distance, precisely.

 Tamp and Blow (blowing and tamping)
 Blowing air helps sticking labels.
 Also for uneven surfaces.


 The best way for an application long labels.


All configuration M-Series in accordance with current requirements and regulations and anticipated future changes:

The printed codes in accordance with GS1 standards and further ensure the identification of logistic units - pallets or packages. They are also compliant with the ANSI standards and SSCC (unique serial number of pallets) encoding.

Flexible, robust, reliable and compact systems M-Series print and apply labels, provide identification and traceability of your products and meet the demands of logistics chains in manufacturing conditions.

Key benefits:

  • High quality and accuracy of application code labels with the option of automatic verification,
  • High efficiency and modularity of these systems for the printing / labeling enable each user to take full advantage of high-performance configurations,
  • Fast and easy integration is enabled compact equipment, as well as simple to use thanks to the user-oriented design,
  • In accordance with the requirements and standards of traceability from production throughout the entire logistics chain.

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