Drop On Demand Valve jet printers

Reliable coding of large characters

C-Series, Macrojet i Case Coder

Our range of large character valve-jet printers use a variety of inks to print text and variable data onto porous and non porous materials, including:

  • corrugated outer cases,
  • sacks,
  • rubber,
  • metal,
  • PVC...

Macrojet, Case Coder and second valve jet printers use solvent inks and water-based, depending on the needs.

Valve jet printing - Case Coder i Macrojet

In the Valve jet technology (including the Macrojet and Case Coder printers), a series of internal jets are controlled by the valves. The valves alternately open and close, to produce the streams of the occasional drops. When a product passes against the printhead, these droplets create the characters and the graphics on the grid formation.

The Domino Valve large character jet printers use the different variants of ink for the printing of text and the variable data, on the porous and non-porous materials. For example:

  • The Macrojet and Case Coder Valve jet printers, can print with solvent and water-based inks. It can print on porous and non-porous materials, such as the rubber, metal, PVC, etc.

Key benefits:

The Valve jet printing technology has many advantages. Depending on the requirements, it can offer:

  • The lower cost per print of the variable data, such as date, time and variable text,
  • It is easy to use and maintain,
  • The under pressure printing head, provides the constant flow of the ink.

The C-Series, the Macrojet and the Case Coder printing methods, are designed to satisfy all your requirements. They allow the printing on a wide range of materials, using a solvent and water-based inks.

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