Sleeving systems

A complete range of machines, for the application of shrink sleeves, that combines the high level of Italian mechatronic solutions with a unique efficiency and an excellent production reliability: speeds range between 9,000 bph and 72,000 bph.

Stretch sleeve

Ecological and economical decoration method that exploits the characteristics of polyethylene elastic memory: the sleeve is applied "cold" on the container (no heat being used) and does not require any glue. It stands as a competitive solution to other labelling systems in responding to the highest decoration requirements thanks to the extreme transparency, brightness and elasticity of these new films, which allow the decoration of containers up to now labelled only with shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive labels.


Obtained by applying a tubolar plastic label, shrink or stretch, on multiple containers and therefore realizing an unitary sales lot.

Shrink sleeve

Tubular printed plastic label applied on the container and then heatshrunk in order to perfectly adapt to its shape and therefore becoming part of it. Shrink sleeves can be utilized for full or partial body decoration as well as tamper evident of the container, offering maximum safety and tamper proofing while being easy to remove.

Depending on your requirements and the volume of production, there are four sleeves applicators:

MOD.SHM A4 - This machine is suitable for medium/low speed lines (from 9,000 bph up to 15,000 bph), it is the Finpac entry model enhanced with a great production flexibility for both small and large containers. Depending on container shape and sleeve dimensions.

MOD.SHM B4 - This model is particularly indicated for medium/high speed lines (from 18,000 bph up to 21,000 bph) since it combines a very competitive price with the high quality of its mechatronic performances.

MOD.HS2 - The HS series are heavy duty industrial machines (from 36,000 bph up to 42,000 bph), developed for high range productions with the most advanced motion system and mechatronic design.

MOD.TWIN&DL - TWIN and DL are designed for companies requiring very high production speeds (from 54,000 bph up to 72,000 bph), combined with an excellent standard of efficiency and guaranteed reliability.