Valco Melton

The applying of the adhesive

The American company, specializing in the production of the systems for the soluble glue bonding. The machines are characterized with the optimal reliability and the full work control. The widespread application of a system for the gluing with the soluble glue, caused the development of designs and functionalities, in order to satisfy the needs of the users all around the world.

The control unit controls the operation of the entire system. In the reservoir of the soluble adhesive is the heater, which melts the glue with the given temperature, which then passes from a solid to a liquid physical state. With the integrated pump, the adhesive in liquid form is transported through the hose to the gun, with which is making the application. All hoses and guns have an integrated heater inside, to hold the adhesive at a given temperature to the site of application.

Hot-melt equipment

The applying of the adhesive

The latest generation automatic guns are suitable for the applications that require the high speed, the high accuracy, the fast cycle rates, as well as the long life.

They offer the high accuracy and the control of the soluble adhesive application for many applications, while ensuring the optimum uniformity and the quality of the applications. Easy access to the heater, allows the quick and easy replacement, which directly leads to the shortening of the downtime for the service interventions. They are made of high quality components and with the universal holders, the automatic guns enable the fast and easy installation.

The Versions:

  • The C series – Bonding with the basic model. The C Series units provides the compact and robust design that is designed for the operation in harsh industrial environments. The variable pressure pump guarantees a constant supply of the glue to the place of application. They have the tanks coated with teflon, which provides the reduction in the accumulation of dirt, what results in the faster and easier maintenance, as well as the more reliable and longer-lasting operation.
  • The EC series – This is the evolution of the basic model, or C series. The EC series is an innovation in terms of technology for bonding with the soluble adhesive, while maintaining the benefits of the previous generation. The new control panel, allows you to quickly and easily configure and customize each work request. The machine is characterized by the optimal reliability, the total control of all operating parameters, as well as the possibility of programming. The reduced warm-up time directly leads to the energy savings. The upgrading of the machine for the automatic filling ensures the continuous work and thus, eliminates the stopping of the machine, in order to supplement of the soluble glue, which directly affects the increasing of the productivity.
  • The KUBE – Improve your production efficiency, with the latest system for applying of the soluble glue. The KUBE is the only machine that has three types of configurations in space, in order to improve the performances (panel, compact, split). Designed as a closed system, with integrated automatic filling of the soluble glue, the KUBE improves the system performances, by eliminating the problem of the degradation and by minimal maintenance. In use can be used up to six outputs that have the independent temperature control, whose operation is managed by a multi-functional control panel.
  • The D series – The independent protection against the high temperature and high pressure, provides to the operators the safe operation. The independent control of heating zones reduces the degradation of the soluble glue and provides the precise and uniform application.
  • The S series – It offers a few options of valves, ranging from a simple single-stage valve, to the sophisticated pneumatic system. The result of the application of this technical solution, is adapting to the changing speeds. They possess the tanks coated with teflon, which ensures the reduction in the accumulation of dirt, and it results in faster and easier maintenance, as well as the more reliable and longer-lasting operation.
  • The FlexMelt series – It includes an assortment of units, which is designed for the most demanding applications. Each unit of this series has a multi-functional controller, to ensure to the operator a quick and easy configuration, changing and customizing of each work task, which is also supplemented by the frequent control of the speed of the alternating electric motor that drives the pump. The version with four pumps provides up to eight independent outputs.
  • The M series – It is designed for use in areas where is the need of constant applications in demanding environments. The design of the M Series, allows the faster clean-up operations and the easier maintenance, which directly leads to the shortening of downtime for regular service activities. The units in this series are equipped with the wheels, for the sake of easier mobility.
  • The M Plus series – The high performance units based on PLC technology. They offer the high control, as well as the precision of the application of the soluble glue. All units are equipped with Allen – Bradley® Control Logix PLC controllers, with the Panel View, or with the Versa View HMI platforms. The units in this series are equipped with the wheels, for the sake of easier mobility.