Industrial bar code scanners

Engineered to work for many years, industrial bar code scanners offer exceptional reliability and long life even in demanding environments. Industrial barcode scanners are specially designed for use in various market segments. 

Possibilities Barcode Scanners

These devices are not only resistant to udrarce already prepared for work under the influence of spolješnje protection, fixed and mobile use, oprorni on chemicals. From a manual to fully automated readings. They are also perfect for scanning large quantities of bar codes. Adekvartan selection of bar code scanner for your application enables you comfortable operation, minimal downtime and low total cost of ownership. The production, storage, distribution and open retail environments represent an ideal working environment. Working at temperatures below -30 ° C, these rugged scanners with a rubberized casing resistant to water and dust, IP65 protection guarantees.

Barcode Scanner Specification

These scanners have the ability to read 1D and 2D codes, up to 15 cm, with a distance of 16.5 m. Optional wireless connectivity allows opetraterm maximum mobility when working with this device.

All of these benefits are designed to take advantage of the maximum productivity of the operator in the toughest conditions.

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