TELESIS - pin marking

Systems for marking of the parts

Dot Peen and Scribe marking - since 1971.

Your source of solutions for the product identification

The Telesis is a world leader in the field of product identification and processing technologies. The Telesis provides a wide range of fast and reliable systems for permanent, programmable, PinStamp and TeleScribe labeling. All Telesis systems – whether standard or purpose-designed – are supported by the global network of expert sales support and service professionals.

Machines for pin marking

The fully programmable PinStamp systems for marking, with one or more pins, are based on the original and patented Telesis' design of the “floating pin”. The pneumatic driven and returned metal pin, permanently marks the surface, with the dotted or continuous line characters – even with the logos, diagrams or 2D codes.

Needle marking

Since the pin for marking ''swims'' at a constant drive and return air pressure, the surface unevenness of up to 6 mm, can overcome easily and without any problems. The Telesis manufactures the wide range of systems for pin marking, which can safely provide a reliable solution for any application of permanent marking of the metal.

Marking of continuous characters

The TeleScribe systems for marking, with low noise level, engrave the characters of high quality and continuous lines, in different types of materials, from plastic to hardened steel.

Solutions for basic marking applications

Other systems for pin marking, include also the BenchMark series fixed or mobile markers of favorable price. The Telesis systems provide the efficient, automated labeling of a wide range of the industrial products.

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