Labeling heads

Automatic application of self-adhesive labels

Automatic labeling heads are the the most modern labeling devices, developed to work at high line speeds. They are high-reliable in marking of the products with self-adhesive labels, in accordance with the highest standards.

No matter what packaching it is

According to the website All4pack, the most commonly used types of packaging are bags and pouches (875.59 billion units), bottles (810.32 billion) and cans (412.95 billion). From our experience, most of those types of packaging require some kind of labeling: labeling, promotional labeling (20% extra free, etc.), additional labeling for local markets, additional barcode stickers, and alike.

Long lasting solution

Herma labeling heads, are fast, reliable, precise and long-term solutions for the automatic application of adhesive labels. Maximum reliability and top quality are the result of many years of work, experience and traditions, as well as the constant progress and training in the development and manufacture of solutions for labeling.
Modular design allows you to select the most optimal combination of traction units, applicators and other elements for the specific application.

The modularity and reliability

Herma labeling heads, characterized by high adaptability to the specific conditions and requirements posed by modern production processes and increasing line speed.

They are designed to work with various operational width of adhesive labels and at different speeds depending on the requirements the end user. Modular design allows for quick and easy integration with any production line.

Precision and speed

Years of experience in the production of heads of labeling led to the melding of reliability and economy in the form of a new generation Herma labeling head. With these solutions, such as the problem of precision and labeling at high speeds to the past. User friendly, intuitive control unit allows easy integration to the production lines, as well as highly developed systems of labeling.


  • Double-sided, wrap around or neck labeling in the beverage industry, pharmacy or other industries with the option of date printing,
  • Labeling from above, below, from the side with the option of printing the date,
    Pharma labeling with date printing option,
  • Tamper records labeling in accordance with EU Pharma FMD regulations,
  • Labeling of irregular shapes with the option of printing dates,
  • Special labeling.

Herma Basic - economical labeing heads for standard purposes

Herma Basic defines technical standards in its class. Its design and positioning in the market are the reasons for deciding to Herma leading technology. Reliable, solid and precise with standard applications. Operates at a speed up to 25 m/min can be set. Its integrated controller means no need for additional distribution cabinet. The size of the label can be adjusted from 12 x 12 mm to 160 x 400 mm.

Herma 500 - great integration capabilities and speed with top-level quality

The newest developed HERMA 500 labeller is unique in the world in terms of connectivity, flexibility and usability, setting new standards in labeling. Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the new HERMA 500 offers speed (200m/min), connectivity and safety – while providing maximum quality and flexibility.

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