Universal Robots UR16e enables the manipulation of heavier tools and the handling of multiple parts, thereby reducing the duration of the work cycle.

This robot allows for an impressive 16kg of payload while maintaining a compact design that makes it ideal for use on heavy-duty machinery, material handling, packaging and screw application.

Get to know our UR16e Robot:

The UR16e is built for complex tasks such as machine work, material handling, packaging, material removal and screw application. It reaches an extraordinary 16 kg payload which is particularly useful for carrying heavy tools and can lift multiple parts in one go, making tasks much more efficient due to shorter work cycle times. The UR16e is also offered as an OEM robot system.

Features of the UR16e robot:

  • Reach - 900 mm
  • Payload - 16 kg
  • Footprint - Ø 190 mm
  • Weight - 33.1 kg

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