CO2 lasers

Optimum combination of precise impressions and great benefits

Printing characters in higher quality can be achieved on both static and on-the-move products. 

D-series and i-Tech

Domino is a pioneer when it comes to the use of indoor CO2 laser systems for marking and one of the largest manufacturers of this technology in the world. Through research and innovation in the field of laser marking, Domino has produced coders that set industry standards. The latest products D-Series i-Tech high performance suitable for printing bar codes, text, graphics, serialized and variable data as well as 2D codes on a wide variety of substrates including cardboard, glass, paper.

How does it work?

Marking is achieved by etching or by changing the chemical properties of the surface layer of the material leaving an indelible permanent code.

Domino has developed lasers for writing that can print text, graphics and variable data on a wide variety of substrates including plastic, glass, paper and cardboard.

Domino laser coders, such as the new D-Series i-Tech used a continuous laser beam guided by mirrors that are controlled by galvanometer. Technology with a galvanometer allows static marking products as well as products that range low and high speeds.

Key benefits

  • Superior quality printing character,

  • High reliability is achieved by the moving parts and proven CO2 laser technology,

  • Constant quality on stationary and moving lines,

  • The press in any direction,

  • Unlimited graphics capabilities,

  • Minimum maintenance requirements make laser systems environmentally friendly.

Why laser coding and marking?

Because of the superior reliability and very low maintenance costs, laser systems have a positive impact on the efficiency of the complete equipment. As there are no inks or fluids, laser systems are environmentally friendly and greatly reduce the costs related to the purposes of labelling.

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